About SSN
Welcome to SSN ~ A Private Social ClubGroup.

SSN gives private members a place to interact, explore, grow friendships, participate & absolutely enjoy a private online adult site of our own.

We Reserve The Right To Deny Membership Without Explanation or Prejudice.


1) Couples & Single Ladies, please be over age 30. Only S/M over age 35 will be considered.
2) Anyone hoping to become a private member of this site must apply with: A fully filled in profile WITH a G-rated face pic to be considered. Not presenting a full profile with face pic as required is an automatic denial for private membership.
3) As soon as possible you'll get notification of approval status, or denial, as the case may be.
4) Once approved to become a private member of this site, pay for your membership within 3 days or your profile/application will be discarded.
5) Have fun, interact online, make some super friends, and enjoy!

SSN is brand new online adult playground. It is a private place to enjoy, explore, create friends & meet your inner adventurer head on. You know you want more out of life and your liberty and this is where you begin to explore, connect, & start adventuring. Be YOU and the loving caring person you were always meant to be! Be kind, be open, be curious....be YOU. Get to know all of us ;)

In real everyday life it’s not easy to be as open & free as we would like to be, SSN is not your everyday life... this is your escape, your secret crave, so explore & enjoy!

SSN is your doorway to private social connections online and making new friends so have fun! I bet you'll begin to gather great friendships with like minded people you mesh with.

Become a private member today for $8.99/mo recurring charge each month, or go annual for a discount! Annual is a super rate @ $69.00 per year.

Come meet like minded compatible friendly people. Join, have some fun---who knows where it might lead you!!