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Welcome to SSN!

SSN ~ An adults only private exclusive members online club group.

SSN is made up of a great stable base of couples & single ladies...all over age 35 & up! We limit S/M!  When there is space we may allow a minimal number of single unmarried males ONLY OVER AGE 40 !  
SSN Connects!  Join the site and the group today! Find like-minded people, make new friends, follow, and stay in touch anywhere.
SSN Shares!  Join and share your thoughts, interests, personal new, pics, etc. 
SSN Creates!  Everyone can create great connections online as well as super friendships! It's time for new friends, loads of fun and great stability and safety in a unique private social clubgroup. 
Join and build your social life with us,  put up a great fully filled in profile with pics and create an ever expanding  friendship circle, post status updates, share fun things, check the timeline,  & take time to reach out to others each time you're on. Remember, to always make everyone feel welcome too.  ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! 
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